Schedule, 1st Half of 2019
Golf Scrambles
Schedule, 2nd Half 2019
Club Officers
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Photo Gallery
Vice President Emeritus: Ralph Rizzo
Treasurer: Jackie Cuprys 
Membership: Nancy Gipp and Angie Silvers
50/50 Handling:  Bill & Patti Tschantz, Bill & Sue Bathurst, Jim & Anita Leonard, Dick & Diana Richards and Dave & Lynn Kluczynski
Shirts & Badges: Kathy Brincko
Golf Scrambles: Ray & Rita Viancourt 
Poker Runs: Rick & Jackie Cuprys and Jim & Anita Leonard 
Mini Golf: Richard & Sharon Noel, John (JR) & Chris Bickel
Dinner Parties & Brunches: Bob & Jan Blakeley
Entertainment Coordinator: Bob & Jan Blakeley
Check In Desk: Mike & Karen Wemer, Don & Sally Crawford and Al & Laurie Mallett 
Welcome: Jan Blakeley, Peggy Holland, Diana Richards
Photography:  Per Event
Food Support: Debbie Casanova and the Merry Band of Happy Helpers
Website Support: Lee Helfer lhelfer@specialtyhose.com
Co-Presidents: Robert Blakeley with Jan the "Wonder-Wife"
call or text 352-446-0853, or email blakeley01@comcast.net